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Take Steps FAQ

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What is Take Steps?

Take Steps is the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation's largest nationwide fundraising event, which includes local community walks dedicated to raising funds to accelerate research, advance treatments, and provide programs and support to improve the quality of life for those living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Find your local walk for specifics about what’s planned in your community!


How do I register?
Find your local Take Steps event — enter your zip code to find the walk nearest you. Once on your local walk page, hit the Register button — you will see the option to start a team and become a Team Captain, join an existing team, or walk as an individual.

We encourage everyone to form a team and invite friends, family members, co-workers — everyone you know! — to join you at Take Steps and fundraise alongside you. Not only does a team fundraising effort show patients that they have a supportive community behind them, but it will amplify your impact toward cures for IBD.

I was a Team Captain last year. How do I restart my team?
Visit the login page and add your 2023 Take Steps credentials. Select “Find an Event” to begin registration and restart your team.

  1. Forgot your credentials? Select “Forgot Password?”
  2. Enter your email address and hit “Reset My Password.”
  3. Check your email for a password reset link.
  4. Set a password for your Take Steps login.
  5. Select “Find an Event” to begin registration and restart your team.

How do I start a team? 
Select “Find an Event” in the top right corner of this page and enter your zip code or type in your state to see events in your area. Once on your local walk page, hit the Register button — you will see the option to start a team and become a Team Captain. Complete your registration to form your team. Then use the Fundraising Dashboard to customize your team page. Add a photo, update your team goal, and share why you registered for Take Steps. Then you’re ready to post the link on social media and send emails asking your friends to join you by registering and fundraising as a member of your team.

How much does it cost to participate?
While there is no registration cost, we encourage everyone to set a fundraising goal of at least $100. Participants who raise $100 will receive a special Take Steps T-shirt and Top Fundraiser badge. Individuals who reach $500 or more in funds raised will receive special access to the Trailblazer Lodge for you and a guest on walk day. Additionally, each local walk has its own special recognition of Top Teams. Check out your local walk's Fundraising Rewards section to learn more about exclusive fundraiser and team incentives on walk day.

I forgot my password, how do I get my login information?

  1. Visit the login page and select “Forgot Password?”
  2. Enter your email address and hit “Reset My Password.”
  3. Check your email for a password reset link.
  4. Set a password for your Take Steps login.
  5. Select “Find an Event” to begin registration.

How do I start fundraising?
Visit the Fundraising page for tips and tools to help you get started with your fundraising journey. Once you register, you can log in to your Fundraising Dashboard to update your personal fundraising page and use email or social media to invite friends and family to support you with a donation. You can also download the DonorDrive Take Steps app for iPhone or Android, which allows you to share your Take Steps page link via text message or QR Code. Need more ideas? Connect with your local Take Steps staff member (listed on your local event page); they will be delighted to advise and support you.

What should I set as my fundraising goal?
We encourage everyone to set a personal fundraising goal of at least $100 so that you can receive a Take Steps t-shirt. Ready to aim higher? We have exclusive incentive prizes available for fundraisers to claim starting at $500 and $1,000. Remember, the more you raise, the bigger impact we can make for those living with IBD. We're here to support you in your fundraising efforts. You'll be surprised — raising $100 can happen quickly with our fundraising tools and resources as your guide.

How do I turn in donations?
Encourage supporters to donate online so those donations can be credited toward your goal right away and quicker access to tax receipts. For donations collected offline:

  1. Mail the donation to your local Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation chapter office. Print the offline donation form Be sure to add the participant/team name in the memo or include a note to be credited with your donation.
  2. If your team or event has scheduled a collection day, often called "bank day," you may turn in everything you've collected on that day.
  3. You may hold on to all donations collected and turn them in on the day of your walk event. Please make checks payable to: Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and be sure to add participant/team in the memo or include a note to be credited with your donation.

How can my company match my donation?
Many companies offer matching gift programs to maximize their financial contributions to non-profit organizations. Visit our matching gifts page for information about requesting a matching gift for your donation.

Can I get a QR code for donations?
Yes! Download the DonorDrive Take Steps app for iPhone and Android to create a unique QR code just for your fundraising page. Share the QR code with your friends and family or add it to flyers and posters.

How do I get my fundraising rewards?
All fundraising rewards will be available on event day in the Fundraising Rewards area. Close to hitting one of the levels? Turn in donations on event day and unlock your rewards!

Event Experience

When and where is Take Steps held?
Take Steps events are held in communities nationwide mostly in the spring with a handful of events in the fall. Find a walk in your community to get all event details for a specific event.

How long is the walk route?
Take Steps is a non-competitive walk event with routes that average two to three miles in length, but varies by walk event. Contact the walk staff of your local event to find out the exact length.

Will Take Steps take place if it rains?
Our patients can’t stop during bad weather, so neither do we! Take Steps will take place rain or shine except in cases of dangerous weather — your local chapter will notify participants of alternate plans.

Are pets, bicycles, strollers, or in-line skates allowed?
Strollers are welcome at all walk sites. Bicycles and in-line skates are not allowed. Pets are welcome on leashes at most walk sites, but please check with your local chapter.

Does Take Steps have bathrooms along the route?
Take Steps makes every effort to ensure clean, accessible, and comfortable bathroom accommodations are available at the walk. Please contact your local walk staff for information about exactly what will be available at your event.

What are the different colored ribbons for?
On event day, you’ll receive a ribbon corresponding to your connection to IBD that you’ll write a special message on for why you Take Steps. Hold on to that ribbon for the Dedication Ribbon Ceremony where we’ll all come together and link our ribbons together to show patients and caregivers they’re not alone in their journey.

Where do I get a badge?
Head over to the Base Camp area to pick up your badge and learn more about our work towards IBD cures and the support and resources available to the IBD community. Badges represent your connection to IBD, top fundraisers, and years of attendance at Take Steps. Wear them proudly to show your connection to the IBD community!

What is the Journey Map?
Your IBD journey is unique — and important. Patients and caregivers add a marker on our IBD Journey Map in honor of where you’ve been and where we’re headed: Mt. Remission and IBD cures.

What is the Trailblazer Lodge?
All participants who raise $500+ and Top Teams gain access to the exclusive Trailblazer Lodge — a special oasis with unique refreshments and relaxing lodging to kick back and celebrate top fundraisers, getting us closer to cures for IBD.

What social media hashtags can I use when sharing online?
We love to see your pics — and you having fun at Take Steps! Use hashtags #TakeSteps and #TakeStepsEffect. Happy sharing!

What if I have a question not answered here?
Reach out to us! Connect with your local Take Steps walk staff or local chapter here.

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